Aarn and Ara

From our black protective field, we saw all the fighters and Shadows stop, and stare into the dome at Aarn holding me in his arms tightly, having rescued me from another Shadow. An evil laugh filled the house. The Leader came up the steps. He took a glance at Aarn, and said, "Well done! You caught the Eternal Flame with your bare hands!" He sounded impressed. Aarn looked at the Leader.

"I'm not giving her to you, if that's what you're thinking." He told the Leader. He bashed and smashed against the dome, but he couldn't break it. "I'll be back for you, traitor." He growled, and the Shadows slunk down the stairs, and back into the basement. Aarn let the field drop, but didn't let go of me. He carried me back into the room, and Jyll looked at him, slightly scared. Aarn placed me down on the floor, then draped a stray blanket over my arms. He placed another protective field round me, then came face to face with Ara. Ara pushed past him, and put his hand on the dome around me. I traced a fiery door, and Ara came in. He sat beside me, and hugged me. Aarn came forward.

"See? You can trust me." He said to Ara, who growled at him slightly. "I just saved Flamara, the Fire Queen! Don't you have any respect for me, Ara? You did when I was human." He sighed. Ara opened his eyes wide.

"So it really is you, isn't it?" he whispered. Ara pulled me close. Aarn came the other side of me. He took my hand, bowing his head. "May I be aloud to stay by your side?" he asked. I was surprised. I know I was the Queen of Fire, but I was never treated like real royalty! I nodded, and Aarn sat by the edge of the bubble. Ara stayed beside me.

The End

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