How Can This Be?

Ara tore through the ranks of Shadows like an angry demon, dismembering anything that got too close. Immaterial as they might have been, he was still more than capable of tearing them apart. One of the perks of being a magical creature himself.

But, as he fought, Ara's mind was whirling like a maelstrom. Aarn. It couldn't be Aarn, he was dead. They all were, he'd seen it himself. All brutally murdered for defending a "monster." A monster who hadn't even stayed to fight with them. A monster who'd abandoned them to die.

How had he got here? This place was in the middle of nowhere, not remotely close to where he'd left. And how could a dead man be a Shadow?

This was all too much for Ara to cope with, everything was happening too fast. He needed to figure this out. But how? His best friend, who he'd presumed to be dead for years now, was now working with his enemies. Ara didn't know what to do. Could he let Aarn live when he was trying to harm his friends?

But how could he kill him either? How could he fight the person who'd been his closest friend all these years?

How could he kill the man who'd been willing to die for him?

The End

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