Moving out.

I loaded my 45 with the bullets Flamera had given me.  I liked it, it was cool.  they made the gun glow red and feel warm just being in the weapon.

"So how are we going to do the this?"  Misha asked.  I grabbed my paper, and wrote:  I'll stay in this room, along with half of everyone else.  You can go in the room across from us along with the other half.  then when flamera goes out, we can all move out at the same time, sourounding it.  then Flamer can use her power to get out of the line of fire, as we blow this shadow to smitherines.

Mish read it, and told everyone else the plan.  Flamera reluctantly went into the middle of the hall, and misha went with his half to the room across.

We waited, and eventually, from the basement, the door creacked open.  Flamera stayed still, but watched with horror, as the leader shadow slowly walked up to her, his Red eyes flickering.

He came to stand in front of her.  and was about to say something, when Pop out of the room, and Ara came out behind me, screaming "NOW!"

everyone came out, and surounded the Leader monster, who didn't even seem scared.  Flamera popped out from infront of them, moving behind the circle we'de made.

"I knew it was a trap, i just wanted to prove that this couldn't kill me, that I was too powerful."

suddenly we all started firing, molten bullets and lazers flying at it, making the room sound extreamly loud.  finally we stopped.  it hadn't even fazed the Shadow.  He stared us down.

"What that heck is this, even the shadows of my Home weren't this powerfull ..."  Geoff muttered in amazment under his breath.

Suddenly the door opened opened, and the little white tiger came out from behind me.  The shadow stared at it, and i saw fear in it's eyes.  "AHHHH!!!"  the Shadow screamed.  was it afraid of the little cub?

What are you doing? I asked the tiger in my head.

Oh, you mean those shadows, I've seen those before.  They die when I hiss at them ... She said.

The shadow backed away, and the little cub came closer . . .

The End

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