I liked where this was going, Flamara was giving us firebullets of some sort. They glowed, and if they worked like I expected, they'd catch fire in flight, setting fire to anything they came into contact with.

"So, uh, friend," I said turning to her, "My comrades and I deal in arms, I don't suppose you'd want a piece of the money for supplying special munitions, eh?" She gave me a foul look, I took that as no. Too bad...

I loaded up my Krinkov with .30 and my Stechkin with 9mm, and I left the UCP on a table for anyone who wanted it. I was nervious, but it was good to know we had a plan that might work, and that we could put up a fight.

I took off my coat and left that with my pack, I thought about getting rid of my flak jacket, but with people running around in a house firing guns at everything I was likely to get hit. The extra weight was worth it.

"So when do we leave, and whee do we go?" I had a feeling we would be fighting our way to the basement.

The End

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