Getting Ready

When Geoff said that we needed to lure out the leader, and his eyes flickered over to me, I immediatly felt scared. Ara growled that we weren't using me as bait. I felt affection flood to Ara. I hadn't told anyone about Aarn. I was worried for him. He was still in that corner, I could feel it.

I touched Ara's arm, and whispered, "If it's to keep you guys safe, every single one of you, then I would die trying to help you." He smiled at me. He flinched, and then turned to the door. He growled. I heard a little gasp, then a sob. Everyone went silent. We listened to the sobbing. I felt it burn my ears, to hear someone cry. I ran to the door, and pressed my cheek against it. "Shhh. It's OK, Aarn. It's fine. Just stay in your corner." I told him. Ara came beside me, shaking.

"C'mon, we need to get ready." He told me. I went back over, and made lots of fire bullets. We loaded the guns with them. I showed Jyll how to  make her fingers snatch out and grab thing, squeezing them till they cracked. "Flamara, who were you talking to a bit ago? You were talking to someone crying. Aarn, or something like that." Geoff questioned.

Ara froze, and dropped a bullet. I caught it. "Aarn..." he whispered. Ara turned to me, and held my shoulders. "How do you know him? How do you know Aarn?" he exclaimed.  I lead  him to the door.  "Aarn!  Come to the keyhole! " I whispered. That blue eye came. I looked into it. Ara touched my shoulder. "A Shadow." He growled. Aarn gasped on the other side of the door. "Aarn! It's just Ara! Don't worry!" I whispered. That blue eye blinked with tears.

"Ara? Is that you? Ara, is that the Ara I knew?" He said loudly. Ara thumped the wall, then I moved aside, and Ara looked through the keyhole. "Aarn." He said. "It's...really you. It's your voice, and your eyes, but you're a Shadow!"

I heard running. "I'll be back!" Hissed Aarn, and his eye left the keyhole. Ara fell back,a and I hugged him. He shook. "I thought he was dead! But he's a Shadow! My best human friend who fought for me!"

The End

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