All of Us, Together

Geoff looked over the group huddled in this tiny room. Leigh was still resting in the corner, Kathryn was stood with Flamara (who had slipped back into the room) and Jyll after the whole group had literally forced her to stay. Geoff didn't usually grovel, but to see Kathryn leave the room, possibly for good, was a terrifying thought. He would miss her. As much as he cringed at the cliche, Flamara was right. They were like a family, no longer a bunch of strangers who happened to be ditched here. He didn't think they could defeat the shadows without her. She knew the most. The newest arrival was stood hesitantly at the door, then walked over to Kathryn.

'So you just gonna sit here until the cavalry arrive tinsel wings?' Tolstoff mocked.

He was right. Something needed to be done, finally, to get rid of these things. The house seemed to be crawling with them, and they could never get out without destroying every last one.

Geoff froze. He strained his memory trying to remember what he had been told in combat training about the shadows in his realm. Usually run. But there was something...

His mind clicked into place. He grabbed Ara by the arm.

'I know what we can do.'

Ara turned, his eyes lighting for a moment. He could obviously sense the shadows slithering round nearby.

'Do? What do you mean?' His deep voice attracted the attention of the others.

Flamara and Kathryn came over. Geoff leant over and gently shook Leigh awake. She opened her eyes slowly, and Geoff lifted her. Corby stood staring at Nathan. Geoff took her and and lead her to the circle, putting his arm around her shoulders. He was concerned for her. She needed to be protected.

'Right. I have a plan.' He announced.

Suddenly everyone was quiet. Even Nathan stopped fidgeting with that strange tiger cub and stood, pencil at the ready.

'Yes, there are alot of shadows out there; too many for us to take down. But  I remember being taught that the shadows are controlled by their leader. A very powerful being and elusive. But if we can take out that leader, the others-'

'Dissapear.' Kathryn finished. Understanding flooded their eyes.

'But- but how do we get to the leader? We don't know where he is, and even if we did, how would we destroy him?' Leigh probed, tucking her hair behind her ears.

Geoff paused,  then his eyes moved to Flamara's face. Ara saw and realised what he was indicating.

'Oh no.' He flared. 'We are not using anyone as bait. Especially not Flamara.' A grumbling in his throat caused Jyll to hide behind Geoff's leg.

'Look, I know it's dangerous, but for some reason, they want Flamara. They are weak to her power and think they can use her as some sort of weapon. If we can draw the leader himself out...' Geoff let them come to their own conclusions.

'But how do we defeat him? He wasn't phased by your weapon.' Misha commented.

'Well, I think we need more of that harnessed molten power. If all of us fire on him at once, I think it will work. We just need enough time away from the other shadows to do it.' Geoff explained.

The others looked skeptical, Ara, furious, Flamara intrigued. Only Leigh looked truly confident.

'I think it can work. All of us together.' Leigh broke the silence.

Misha nodded.

'Right. So we need some of them fire cartridges. Does it work in bullet-form?'

Flamara lifted her hand and produced a molten bullet which hovered in the air. Misha smiled.

'Then lets saddle up.' He said and turned to gather his other weapons.

'I'm coming this time.' Leigh said fiercely. Misha handed her a gun and nodded to Geoff.

'All of us, together.' Repeated Flamara.


The End

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