Even when there were so many people, Corby felt alone. Nothing made sense at all, and even when she had loving people around her, there was nothing that was there. She walked into the kitchen and saw people smiling and waving saying,

"Good to have you back Corby." Hugging her and fussing with her. But all she did was stare at was the person with the tiger. She stared and stared, and Leigh noticed. 

"Oh, this is Nathan Payne." Leigh said. Corby stared at him emptily, tilting her head to one side. He looked up at her, confusion in his eyes. 

"Nathan." Corby nodded her head to him and he smiled slightly.

"Corby." He replied, nodding back. Many people after that slept dreamlessly, including him. But all Corby did was stare and stare.

Something wasn't right, and it was involving him.

The End

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