Going Out...Without Permission.

Once we had convinced  Kathryn to stay, Ara sat back near the door.  He  nodded off slightly. Everyone else relaxed slightly. Geoff sat staring at me, his electric blue wings twitching every now and again. I got up silently, and Geoff flinched. I opened the door as quietly as I could, and Geoff looked at me in alarm. I put my finger to my lips, and said that I'd be fine. I snuck out quietly.

I looked around the staircase. I realized from a corner from near the room where everyone was, a pair of brilliant blue eyes stared at me. I came closer to them, and the kind Shadow stood. It looked at me. "Flamara..." It whispered, with what sounded like a hint of longing in there somewhere. It knelt before me on one knee, head bowed. He (I think it was a he) took my hand, and pressed it to his black lips.

"Turn back. Go back to you place. The Shadows have left me, because I was injured by our leader. I left them, and I wish to join you. Please." He said. His voice was soft, but gruff, a bit like a cross between Ara;s and Geoff's.

"Do...do you have a name?" I asked the Shadow. He nodded. In darkness, he showed me a picture of a human, with blue eyes, black hair and white skin. The background was in an alleyway, and behind that person, stood..."Ara?!" I gasped. The picture with Ara in the backgroud showed Ara in his human form. I thought back to what Ara had said. "I had run, and hoped my friends had been spared."

I turned my back to go. "Wait!" called the Shadow. I turned. "My...my name is Aarn."

The End

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