Boredom ...

Some sort of comotion had been going on because of someone leaving.  i didn't bother to go over there, i was only really interested in the new white tiger, it'd been the most interesting thing sense they'd had to move rooms.

really, though, i was bored out of my mind.  there was nothing to do in this small room, i couldn't even excersize.  and, if someone had at least told me i couldn't get on the roof, then we wouldn't be in this small room with the skylight anyway.

really this whole "let's hole up and wait it out" kind of thing was getting old.  i thought we should just send serton people out at different times, or in a group for that matter, on shadow killing missions.  i mean these things arnt gonna get tired and leave, there shadows.  hey, for all we know they could be reproducing.

The End

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