Entering to Save the Day

I burst through the door, seeing someone about to leave. She was a young girl, perhaps only a few years younger than me.

"You can't leave!" I told her.

"Why not?" she demanded sharply, but looked almost relieved. It was as if ... as if she'd wanted someone to protest.

"They need you! You can fight these things!"

She stared at me.

"If you only just arrived, how do you know about the creatures that are attacking us?" The girl approached me, threatening even though I was several inches taller than her.

"How do you know anything??! You could be on their side, for all I know!" She was almost shouting.

I decided it was time to tell the truth.

*Hi, I've been on here a few days now but haven't written anything. However, I've been reading ... a lot. I decided to have a go, but sorry if I've got any of this wrong, because I'm not quite up to date on the whole story....*

The End

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