Getting Up To Leave

I think it's time you got out of here, that voice in my head said again. I looked up, physically, realising that I was sstill in this little room.

I can't, can I? I asked, bewildered. The voice laughed. It was beginning to get a little bit annoying.

You can if I write you into another story, the voice told me. I guessed it was my author. If not, I was finally going mad.

Okay. You'd better, though. I don't want to get knocked out.

I stood up. Everyone looked at me immediately, and I wondered why until I remembered my stupid powers. Powers I'd never wanted and didn't know how to use.

"I'm leaving," I told them loudly. "Sorry. I'd love to help you, but I've really got to go." A few mouths dropped open.

"You can't leave!" someone exclaimed.

"I can, and I will. My author's writing me into something else, and I'm taking the job. Sorry." I turned round to face everyone just as I reached the door, extending my hand to open it.

"I'll try and kill a few Shadows on my way out," I added. But even as I turned the handle and stepped across the threshold, I wished that someone would talk me out of this.

"Sorry," I said again. "Goodbye."

And I shut the door. No one said a word, but I waited a moment, just in case.

The End

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