The Little White Present.

wSlowly i came too, and looked around.  i was still laying down on the ground.  oh my gosh, it had been a dream.  I had tried  to climb out the skylight, and must have fallen, falling unconcious.

"Hey, your awake."  Liegh said.

I nodded.

"just so you know, you can't get out on the roof, it doesn't work." She said.

Well at least i hadn't fallen, that would have been amberasing.  i stood up, stretching my back.

suddenly i heard something. 

Dang, i wish i could talk to humans some times ... something said, but it sounded like it was coming from inside my head.  what?

What, wait?  how did you do that? i asked back in my head.

um, Hello? the voice said back.  Can i come in?

how do i know your not a shadow? I asked.

what that?

well it doesn't seem like you know, but just so you know, i'm heavily armed.  I thought, picking up my gun, and then opened the door.

a little White Tiger came running in, and looked up at him.

are you the one i've been talking too? i asked the little tiger.

yeah ...

i reached down and picked up the little tiger, and it cuddled down next to me.  Ara noticed what i was doing, and stared.

"What the heck is that?"  he asked.

i set down the tiger, and picked up the pen and paper, writing:  I can communicate to it through my head.

"you can what?"

i shrugged, and he stared down at the little cub, who had suddenly found the Radio, who was playing a song i hadn't herd before, it went

Little mices i like to eat, nibbling on thy tiny feet.  little mices i like to eat, eating them on by two, eating them i like to do.  little mices i like to eat, how about you?

it had a nice melody, and made the little white tigger cuddle up next to the radio, which sat down.

I like this little mamal, what is this mamal called, can i cuddul with this little mamal, is it my mommy?

uh ... sure ... i guess ... I thought.

The End

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