Never Eat A Purple Mouse!

I sat there in the woods, being a little white tiger, huddled up next to my mother.  then i looked over, a small, strange looking, purple mouse scurried around over there. 

"mommy mommy look."  i said, pointing with my paw.  "it's a little mousy! can i chatch it?  can i can i can i?"

"Sazzy, tomarrow is your big test of seperation, why don't you at least give it a try."  Mom said.

I put my paws down, wiggling my butt in the air, the pouncing stance, and lept at the mouce.  amazingly, i caught it, eating it up.

suddenly my eyes felt very heavy and before i knew it, I woke up, realizing I'd been asleep.

Where am I? i was in front of a strang looking house, but it seemed to give of a good feeling, like how i used to swat at my mommys tail for a game.

Curiosity over came me and i gave out a little meow/hiss kind of sound.  the door swung open revealing a dark room.  i walked inside and the door swung shut behind me.

it was a dark room, and hundreds of shadows learked in the corners, some almost seeming to move.  then one did move, standing up infront of me.  i shreaked at it, and it jumped, suddenly dissapearing into nothingness, along with the other shadows in the corners.

Wow . . . that was weird, I thought.

human murmurings came from a room above, so i walked up the stairs, and to the door.  I did one of my Meow/hisses again, and the murmuring stopped.

Dang, i really wish i could talk to humans sometimes!  I said in my mind.

Wait, what?  who said that? A voice said in my head.  For a second I thought it was my imagination.  but it couldn't have been, could it?

Hello? you answer back in your head.

The End

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