And So We Wait

We had holed up in this new room and, small as it may be, it seemed safe enough for now. Some of the others had fallen asleep, this ninja fellow had tried to climb onto the roof and, like Ara before him, he fell on his head, knocking himself out.

Ara was keeping watch, and since I couldn't sleep I messed around with the pistol Payne had given me, an H&K UCP. He hadn't even given my Krinkov a second glance, obviously not trusting my little wood and steel companion, and my pistol holster was taken up by the old Stechkin that Red had given me years ago.

"Consider it a wedding gift."

I liked the feel of both of them, the weight of the steel felt more substantial, more comforting, more real than the lightness of polymer.

But despite such a formidable armament I was still very uneasy. Occasionally the door would rattle, the passage outside seemed to sigh morosely, and if one listened carefully they would hear the odd whisper.

Sometimes these whispers were soft and gentle, other times they were rushed and harsh; they would rise to a crescendo, becoming quicker and louder...

And then they would stop just as abruptly as they began, and the silence that followed seemed almost worse than their inhuman chatter.

The End

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