The Need to Sleep

Leigh was starting to doze, when she was startled out of it by a big crash. Jumping high, but not screaming (it took a lot to make Leigh scream) she looked for the source of the noise. Apparently Nathan had tried to go through the skylight. Hadn’t anyone told him the rules? He’d knocked himself out good too by the looks of it.

“Think he’ll be okay?” she muttered sleepily.

“Probably,” was Geoff’s response.

“Think it’s safe for me to sleep?” Leigh was drained in more ways than one. Okay two, physically and emotionally, she wasn’t sure if there were any more ways she could be exhausted.

Geoff gave her a slight smile. “We’ll keep you safe.”

“Thanks,” Leigh smiled back. She settled herself into a corner. Shivering slightly, she wished she had a blanket to curl up in.

The End

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