awake once more

Hola awoke. The house seemed empty. It was darker than she remembered, there were shadows moving in the corners of the room. She must have been out for a while.

She was still in the living room, the lights were on and no one was around. Although there was something in the corner...

The thing moved closer. It stopped. Waited. Something else from another corner came closer. It to stopped.

What was going on?

What ever was happing, it was wierd.

Hola stood still, frightened to move.

What are those things?

She hesitated then said:

"Hi, who are you?"

They replied in unuision:

"We are the shadows which your friend run from, we are being killed by the newcomer. We can change you, if you wish. We can not change you without permission. Our master commands us not to untill the eternal flame is in our possesion." Their voice sounded recorded.

"I do not wish you to change me, I do not know what you mean. I must find the others before they kill themselves, sorry, maybe some other time, maybe." Hola felt strange with their encon=unter with the shadow things, as she walkewd off to find everyone else she was sure there was something strange about what they said.

The End

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