Just Checking

we'd spent the rest of that day in the new room.  I'd eating myself full and then fallen asleep, Ara watching guard at the moment.

I was just sitting there, twittling my thumbs basically, when i got a new piece of paper and wrote:  How long should it take for corby to get better?

everyone looked at it, but no one could answer.

"We really have no idea, it could take alot longer, or just a few more minutes."  Ara said.

I'm going to get on the roof, and ---    I stopped mid sentence and crumpled the paper.

Can the shadows get out of the house???  I wrote and held it up.

No one said a word, untill. "i Don't know."  Liegh said.

'I'm goin to get on the roof, and check on Corby through the broken sky light.'  I wrote, and then dropped it on the floor for someone to read it, then jumped to the wall, placeing on foot off of it, and with enough friction from that, jumped to the open skylight, dangling by the edge.  I climped up and was on the roof.

Looking around, i saw the area where I'd broken the skylight, and walked over to it, and looked in.

corby was awake, and looked fine.  she was huddling in the corner of the room.  she looked up at me.  "Hello Nathan."   she greated.

I was confused, how did she know my name?  i just wished i could speak some time.

"It's ok, i know you can't speak."

this just made me more confused, but just then something banged in at the door inside the room.  corby didn't jump, or even flinch.  I leaned over into the hole in the roof holding my arm down as far as i could.  she reached up and grabbed it, and i hoisted her up.

we walked back on the roof to the other room, now we could full-fill my plan.  wait.  everyone in the room was gone ...

The End

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