On Watch

Eugh, talk about claustrophobic. There's not enough room to swing a cat in here!

Ara followed the others as they entered the room. It was far smaller than the Healing Room, and a good deal gloomier, but it was serviceable enough. Hopefully the Shadows wouldn't work out that they'd moved yet, or at least not mount an attack until later. The others were getting tired, Ara could feel it. Not only becuase of physical exhaustion, the magic users were running low too.

They'd be vulnerable if they were attacked now.

Although he wasn't exactly full-strength himself, Ara slunk over to the door and sat down beside it on his haunches. He shifted position slightly, allowing room for his wings to spread slightly. Then he sat there, ears pricked, as the others bustled about the room. He'd watch the door while they rested, make sure nothing got in when the Shadows came.

Which he knew they would.

They were getting stronger, he could feel it. It wouldn't be long now before they attacked again. And this time, they wouldn't back off so easily.

The End

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