New Barricade ...

we slowly walked, all in a huddle inside af a spinning ring of fire that Flamera made around us.  slowly we made our way down the hall, passing different rooms.  we didn't pick any, though, because they didn't have easy enough access to the kitchen.

eventually we found a good room at the end of the hall, but as we got in it, i looked up.  there was no way to get to the roof, not even any windows.

i tapped misha on the shoulder and when he looked at me i took my hand like i was cutting my throat, and shook my head.

"We shoudldn't take this room?  why not?"

"Because it has no other way to get out besides this door, which doesn't even have any bolts."  I wrote, then held it up.

he read it carefully.  "Why would it matter if we couldn't get to the roof?" 

"Well you know that bomb i was thinking of, well i got the stuff for it, but to use it we'll need to be able to get out of the house when we do it, so we don't breath in the smoke. so we'll have to do it after the girl gets better.  and if we can get on the roof, we can hoist her up so we're all on it, and then drop the bomb"  I wrote.

"Fine."  misha said reluctantly.

they found another room across the hall, but it was much smaller.  No one really liked the idea of camping up in such a small room with all these people, but we did anyway.

now all we had to do was wait, wait for corby to get better.  then i could make the bomb, inject it with flameras fire, and hopefully exterminate most of the shadows.

The End

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