I heard screams of pain come from in the house. By the concentration on Ara's face, I suspected he was invading a Shadow's mind, killing it. I shivered. Ara growled at an invisable foe, and then we all walked outside of the room, with a protective ring of fire around us all.

I carried the Radio in my arms, with it shaking. Ara glanced at me. Shadows tried to run and get me, but the fire burn them and bite them. Ara made another Shadow scream with pain. "Wow...scary." I whispered to him. Everyone sat down in the hallway, thinking of where to go. Ara looked down at me, face full of sadness and concern.

"Are you scared of me, Flamara?" he asked me, his voice full of emotion. He sounded genrally concerned. I touched my finger to his cheek, and let out a little laugh. "I love you, and I'm not scared of you, but the Shadows are! I would never be scared ofthe one I love." I told him quietly. He smiled at me, one of his fangs just showing. I laughed. I noticed he had a small red heart on his neck. I showed him it in a piece of mirror.

"Must be what's joining us. The image of a Halfling on your hand, and a Fireheart on my neck." He smiled. I kissed the heart on his neck. In my head, I heard the Shadow's voice.

 Bright Flame, come to us.  Eternal Flame, bring the Halfbreed if you must, but come to us. Come to us.

I shook my head, and thought to myself, about a poetic term my friends had said to me. 'Flamara is filled with the Eternal Flame, she is filled with love!' they had said. I told Ara of what the Shadow had said to me. He growled, and pulled me to him, my head against his chest. "I won't let them take you. I won't." he whispered as he stroked my hair.

The End

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