Now It's War

When Flamara told him what the Shadow had been doing in her head, Ara let out a low, venomous-sounding snarl. These accursed monsters were getting very close to pushing him over the edge.

And that was not something anyone wanted to happen. Ara was still fairly young for a Halfborn, and not yet at his full strength, but even an adolescent was very dangerous enemy. Particularly one who was defending his friends.

Well, if it's a war they want, it's a war they'll get. They aren't the only ones who can play tricks with minds.

For one moment, Ara smiled a sharp-fanged smile. His hatred for the Shadows was starting to overrule his fear. And a darker instinct seemed to be coming through in his nature. An instinct that had it's own ideas about dealing with Shadows.

Reaching out with his mind, Ara found the nearest Shadow's mind. It didn't have time to fight him off before he'd reached in and torn gaping holes in it's psyche. He felt it screaming and writhing in agony before he pushed further and crushed it's life force with a burst of anger-fuelled power. The Shadow stopped moving and snuffed out. Ara snarled, eyes flashing maliciously.

If any others had seen that, then they'd get his message very clearly.

The battle was over. Now the war began.

The End

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