Protecting and Telapathy

I filled the catridges with fire, and asked if I could go as well, but Ara told me no firmly. He pulled me close. I smiled up at him, but didn't object. I slipped my arms over his shoulder, and he linked his hands round my waist.

I hugged him tight. I felt so strong, like I could do anything. The Shadow leader came into my head. I couldn't see. The leader forced me to my knees.

"What do you want with me?" I hissed at it. It came forward, and stroked my cheek. "Don't worry, we won't harm you. You're too precious to our Master." I opened my eyes wide.

What? Who is the Shadows Master? Must be someone pretty evil to create monsters like those. But why do they want me?

I pushed the Shadow out of my mind, and from somewhere in the house, I heard a Shadow shout. It made pain sear through me. I shouted, but  the pain faded. Ara took hold of me, and helped me up. I told him about what the Shadow had said.

The End

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