To Find a New Hideout

Leigh was relevied to see Misha, Geoff and Nathan make it back. “The fire work?” she asked Geoff.

He smiled. “Like a charm.”

Leigh pondered this fact as she contemplated Flamara.

“Guys, I think the room would really like us to leave so it can heal Corby fully.” Kathryn blurted out. Everyone’s faces went through various emotions as they took stock of what she said.

“Where will we go?”

“How will we get there?”

Good questions, Leigh thought as she scanned the room and all the occupants in it. Such a diverse group of people, and yes they were all people, maybe not human, but people. A smile slowly spread across her face, because she knew they’d all work together.

Leigh cleared her throat. Only Geoff looked her way. “AHEM!” she said loudly, pulling out her airport voice. “I have an idea on how to get there, if someone else knows where we can go.”

Everyone was looking at Leigh now. Just think of it as directing airport traffic, she told herself as she felt slightly nervous at all the attention. She turned to Flamara. “Your flames work against the shadows.”

“Except the head one,” Geoff muttered. Leigh nodded to that point.

“If Flamara can use her flame to encircle and protect us, we can travel as a group to our next hideout. I just don’t know where that hideout should be.” She turned to face Nathan and Misha. “You guys seem to have combat/military training; you’d probably know what makes the best place to hole up in.”

As Nathan quickly scribbled on paper and Misha replied, Leigh turned to face Corby on the bed. “How will we know she’ll stay safe in here? How will we know when she’s healed?” She spoke so softly that only Geoff and Kathryn, who were standing next to her heard her.

The End

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