He'd been sat in the corner for a total of ten minutes when his eyes began to flicker closed. Geoff, who was feeling the effects of what had happened so far, was inclined to rest. He didn't so much as sleep, as relax into a coma-like state to literally recharge. He didn't feel 100% confident leaving the group in the panic they were in, but he had no choice, if he didn't recharge, he couldn't function. At least if he did it now, he wouldn't have to again for at least a week.

So Geoff's mind, oblivious to the new arrival falling through the ceiling and the planned escapade to the Kitchen, awoke to Leigh pulling at his arm. His eyes snapped open and he could see Leigh's imploring face in distress.

'What is it?' Geoff urged, scanning the room. He noticed Misha was missing.

'They...they went! Went to try and get food, but there's so many of them. Ara says he can feel them...' She trailed off, looking as if she would cry, but was trying hard to hold it back.

'They? Who else went?' Geoff probed, standing up slowly, feeling his newly charged body flex beneath his skin.

'A new guy arrived, didn't you see him? I tried to find you and when I did you wouldn't wake. I was really...concerned.'

'A new guy? Who is he?'

'I don't know, some kind of assassin. He managed to defeat one of the shadows, so he thought it would be possible to get down the stairs and get us food.'

She stopped, waiting for Geoff to speak.

'What weapons did they have?'

'Guns, I think.'

'That's not enough.' He got up and released his laser gun from his belted side. He removed a cartridge which seemed to hold a blinding red light.

He ran over to Flamara and removed three more empty cartridges from his pocket.

'Flamara, I need you to fill these with fire, you're special, powerful kind of fire. This is how we keep the shadows at bay in my world. A manufactured type of fire. If I'm going to make sure I can get the other two out alive, I'm going to need it.'

Flamara nodded and a molten fire leapt from her fingertips into the cartridges.

'I could come with you.' She began. 'If this is what we need to destroy-'

'No. You're not.' Ara said firmly, holding her closely to him. But Flamara, far from angry, smiled.

Geoff turned to Leigh.

'Right. If all goes to plan, we may be able to grab some supplies while we're there, but no promises. I'll knock on the door three times, then you'll know it's us.'

'Be careful.' Leigh replied sternly.

'Don't worry about me. I can fly to avoid them. It's the other's I'm worried about.'

He then burst through the door and slammed it quickly behind him. It was deserted. No sign of shadows up here. A surge of power seemed to be coming from downstairs.

They must all be gathering around Misha and the other.

He took no time in rising up and flying down the staircase and the hallway, stopping at the primary staircase into the main room. His ears tingled as he spotted three shadows in the corner of the room, staying well away from the roaring fire which was still blazing.

Well here goes, lets see if this works.

'Let's hope it does.' Tolstoff grumbled in his ear.

He leapt down the stairs, targetting two lolloping together near the door. A blaze of molten fire flew out of the gun, splitting the shadows in two. They seemed to fold in on themselves, the top and bottom half detached. They fell and did not rise.

Thank Flint.

He turned his gun to the other who was fast rushing towards him. Just in time he decapitated this one with the beam of fire. The head-shaped shadow rolled into the fireplace and turned to smoke. The body still moved around, but was harmless.

He moved into the Kitchen and could see two other shadows, one on the floor from Micha's relentless bullets, another throwing around the one Geoff assumed was the new arrival. Out of sight he used the gun to blaze through the shadow that Micha was shooting to keep down. It seemed to collapse, then dissipate.

'Hey Geoff, where have you been?' Mischa exclaimed as he turned to face the last shadow.

'Uh,  I was having a nap. I knew you guys had everything under control.' Misha half-smirked.

The last shadow dropped the new guy and turned to them. This one seemed to have the power of speech.

'You.' It boomed. 'Give me the Flame. If we have her, we can wield our own fire.' It's voice was unnatural and echoed terribly.

Geoff pointed the gun at it's face.

'I don't think so, pal.' And pulled the trigger.

The shadow's face seem to dissapear, a gaping hole in its head. It fell back, and shrunk.

'Quickly. Get all the food and drink you can. We don't have much time; that one isn't destroyed. It's strong.'

He took a pixie coin out of his pocket and laid it on the side.

Please, we need access to a Pantry.

A door appeared in front of him next to the fridge. He opened it. Inside was stacks of bread, fruit, vegetables, tins, water.

'Grab what you can, quick.'

They all stuffed their pockets with whatever they could. Misha had a small back pack which he filled to the brim.

'Right. Lets go.' Geoff said, the new guy nodding vigorously in agreement.

They all turned and sprinted full pelt back through the main room and up the stairs. They could feel the dark mist returning, trying to cloak us.

'Quickly!' Yelled Mischa, who leapt up the second staircase three steps at a time. Geoff flew to the door and knocked three times. The door flung open, and the three physically jumped in.

'Close the door, now!' Geoff shouted, and Leigh pushed it shut, bolting it.

Loud banging came from behind the door. The three men lay in a pile, panting. Misha sat up and brushed himself down.

'Well that was fun.' He said.

The End

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