A Better Plan ... Or Not.

I looked up at MIsha, from a sitting position because my knee caps hurt so bad, although they seemed to be strangly healing quickly, like they already stopped hurting more then you'd expect.  it seemed like it had to do with this room, but i wasn't sure.

i held up a note that said:  I'm coming with you, if i can get into the kitchen, I might be able find some supplies besides food to help us.

Misha looked at me and his shoulders slouched just slightly to the point most wouldn't have picked it up.  it was appearent to me that he thought of me as a specialist or perfectionist, and was dissapointed i had to go with him, but he tried not to show it.

"What exactly could you get to help us besides food?"  Flamera asked.

raw flower, and diferent spices.  then if i took apart some of my old explosives, i could make a large smoke bomb that would hopefully kill them.  the shadows i mean.

i wrote this and then showed it up to them.

"Why would smoke kill them?  and hey why would a normal bomb even kill them?  their shadows."  Leigh asked.

"well they died when i shot them, so I'm not sure, but i'd bet they have at least some solid body parts in them, maybe even organs.  but maybe not. maybe they don't even need to breath breath, but we could at least give it a try."   I wrote, holding it up.

no one could disagree with that.  I stood up and grabbed my pistol.

"So how are we going to do this?"  MIsha asked.

"we both start off running.  i'll go down the hall and grab what we need at the kitchen, you stop at your room and get your stuff and once i'm done i'll meet you back at your room, and we'll run back to here.  ok?"  i wrote.

Misha read it and nodded.  i handed him my other pistol, and we ran out the door.  Misha stopped at his room and ran in, leaving me to run to the kitchen, on the way there i saw one of those shadow things, and shot it once, continuing to run.  i thought it was dead, but it wasn't, it got back up and followed me.  i had to shoot it at least three times before it fell down and dissapeared.  

finaly i got to the kitchen, and got all of the things we needed, occaionally shooting off a few shadows, finally i got back to the room Misha was at, he held a bundul of things in his hands.  

suddenly we were confronted by a shadow in front of us.  i shot once but was out of amunition.  DANG!

suddenly something grabbed me from behind, and launched me into the ceiling.  i hit it hard and the fell back onto the ground, almost knocked unconcious.  i'd never been this scared in my life, but i faced my fear, what was really that bad about death anyway, i had no friends, not even respectable enemies bisides these shadow things.

i quickly jumped back to my feet, i had dropped all of my things on the ground.  misha still shot of a few more shadows until he, too, was out of bullets.  they were sorounded.  this just might be it ... then I remembered my knife at my hip, it wasn't much, but I just might be able to catch them by suprize and be able to last until help came ... if it ever did ...


The End

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