Raid The Pantry?

I wasn't sure what to think of this newcomer, he was some sort of assassin. Although I was an assassin at one time too I was a different sort; this Westerner used fancy moves and finesse like some sort of ninja, and the way he walked with both knees blown out, it was like that guy I met who'd been on PCP. Personally I preferred a scoped rifle to fancy training, but that was just my infantry background talking.

He did have a point though, if we were going to hole up in this room we would need food and water lest we starve to death. The only problem was going to be getting the supplies from the kitchen with these hostile shadows floating just outside our safe haven.

"How about we raid the pantry? We need the supplies if we want to hole up here until things settle down, and I have a feeling this will only get worse before it gets better. If we are going we'll need to do it very soon."I looked from face to face, but while they all knew I was right they didn't like the idea of anyone going out there. Flamara tightened her grip on Ara's arm; she knew that if we did mount an expedition he would no doubt volunteer.

"We can make it to the kitchen and back up here in only a few minutes, and I'd like to go get my things from my room down the hall. It's all still packed so I'll only be a moment; I have some supplies, camping tools, and spare ammunition and a pistol. We would only need to be gone a minute." I didn't like this any more than the others did, but again, we all knew we needed to do something.



The End

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