A way out?

I stayed silent for a while, and thought about my original name.  no one knew me by it, only by Nathan Payne, but i often thought about it when i had nothing else to do.

I was so hungry, i hadn't eaten sense about three days ago, the rest of the time i was racing to get here.

everyone had eventually told me about everything that had been going on in the hideout, and I ran them through my head.  finally I wrote: What are we going to do about food?  

I showed it to Ara, who just shrugged.  then i wondered if he even ate normal food, or if he ate some other sort of rino, or bird food maybe.  

I still felt hesitant around him, not that i thought i couldn't take him if I had too, I knew I wouldn't though (knock on wood) but his wings, and those spikes.    

I liked him though, because he was trusting.  not to the point he'd trust anyone, or the wrong people, but he'd at least he wouldn't give people the cold shoulder like his little Girl friend did, just because she didn't trust them completely.  but i still tried to be nice to her, i didn't want any enemy's.

wait, i had an idea!  i wrote down on the piece of paper:  Are there any other places safe of the shadows that we could go?  if the room had some food, it might good too . . .

I held it up for everyone to see.

The End

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