Organisation: 3

Everyone is currently in the "Healing Room" at this stage in time.

Kathryn: Human, female, aged: 16 (?). Shares a connection with the House and is currently picking up "vibes" that something bad is coming.

Flamara: Fire Queen, currently standing beside Ara, looking at the new arrival.

Misha: Human, male, former smuggler. Has just come into the room from his hiding place in the parlour.

Corby: Human, female. Currently lying on the bed recovering from an attack by a Shadow. Has possibly suffered some "change" as a result.

Geoff: Pixie, male. Standing somewhere in the Healing Room (with Leigh?)

Leigh: Human, female. A "biker chick". Is also standing in the room somewhere (with Geoff?)

Ara: Halfborn, male. Standing with Flamara looking at the new arrival who has just crashed in through the skylight.

Nathan Payne: Human, male. Secret agent type (?). Has just crashed through the skylight in the roof. Kills Shadows with great ease, which has convinced the Room that he is dangerous. Cannot speak, so he communicates by writing on paper.

Jyll: Human, female, young child. Is somewhere in the Healing Room. She has been turned into a Shadow by the Timid Shadow to save her from being killed by the Magic Room that tried to kill her earlier.

The Shadows: Skulking around the Hideout somewhere. They appear to have some plan involving Flamara, but her friends aren't willing to give her up. The leader appears to know her.

Timid Shadow: Somewhere around the Hideout. Appears to be less malevolent than the other shadows. Why?

The Radio: A sentient appliance that appears to have taken a liking to the characters. Is now inside the room playing music to fit whatever occurence happens.

The End

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