Back On The Stairs

There was a new arrival, now, but I wasn't interested in that. I was more worried about the obscure messages that I was picking up from the Room.

But which Room was it? I recognised the gentle touch of the Healing Room and felt reassured, though the messages boded nothing good.

The others knew what they were doing, I was sure.

There was nothing else I could do - I had done enough. Soon it would be time for me to leave this place and get my own life back, if that was possible.

Not a chance. I'm enjoying the break.

I heard the voice in my head and thought for a moment that it was my imagination. But that was not possible.

Who are you? I replied, slightly frightened. The voice laughed.

I'm your author. And you are staying here, for the moment, because what with work and all that, I just don't have time to write you into a story! I suppose I could get them to kill you off, but I expect you'd prefer to stay here, would you not?

I nodded.

This was turning out to be a very odd day.

Just then, the whole of reality seemed to shift. As though it had gone back, ever so slightly, in time...

The End

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