The Room Continues To Think...

The Room sees the girl's friends come in. It wants to tell them to leave, to tell them that she is not yet healed, but they are unreceptive and do not hear its words.

The Room sighs. People who have been that gravely injured, though it is all psychological, often nightmare, and more often than not their friends come in. That will spoil the healing process, and they will Change.

The Room sighs again. It wishes that it could make itself clear, but no one is listening.

Instead, it probes into the mind of the house, which is shrinking away from an evil rapidly approaching. It is scared. In all its years, the Room has never felt this. The Hideout is scared?

This worries the Room, and it shudders. The humans - and others - feel it; they look down at their feet in alarm. The Room wishes that that had not happened, but it is too late now.

It cannot change the past, not can it change the future.

Or can it?

The End

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