NOW What?

I stood up, and despite my broken knee caps i walked around easily and soundlessly.  it still seemed like no one dared to talk too much, almost like it was going to break the sacred silence, even corby, the one who'd called him the chosen one or something like that. 

Ara seemed to stand guard over The person who ... Flamera or something like that, and still watched him hesitantly.  Flamera had walked around the room and kissed everyone on the forhead except me, and I didn't even bother to ask what THAT was about, this was already weird enough. 

I grabbed the piece of paper and wrote:  Sooo .... what now? are we just gonna sit here until all of those shadow things walk away or something, cuz im hungry.  and where did they come from?

I held it up for everyone to see.

The End

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