New Dude

Ara stood up, and looked at the new guy. I stood next to him. This new dude, I knew he was dangerous. He had shot a Shadow. I held onto Ara's arm. The guy explained who he was with pencil and paper. I didn't trust him much. He was a former assasin. Now going to trust him easily, even though he seemed intimidated by Ara. I glanced at his gun, and tightened my grip on Ara's arm. This new guy, Nathen? lokked me up and down. He raised his eyebrows at me. Ara kissed my forehead. "Shh, it's fine."

I shuddered with delight and shock. Ara seemed to care about me lots. I looked up at him, and he seemed to trust this new dude. I qwent round, a kissed everyone in the room's forehead. Nathen looked confused. "Everyone in this room is safe, for now." I told them.

The End

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