The Perfect time to speak

well this was the perfect time to not be able to speak.  Ara looked down on me questioningly, waiting for and answer.  wow, this was a weird place. 

I pretended as if my hand was paper and I was writing on it, trying to signal for pen and paper.

everyone stared at him again.  "What?  You ... you need paper?"  Ara asked.

I nodded my head, and after some shuftling around, Liegh handed me a pen and paper.  on it i wrote.

"my name is Nathan Payne.  I used to be an Assassin for the government, but because i was dumb (as in i couldn't speak, not that i was stupid), and too friendly for them i was band.  i had nowhere else to go but here."

I handed it to Ara, and after a second he looked up from it.  "You mean your a spy?"

I nodded, and as soon as i did i jumped, because a small, living radio came rolling in around me and started play The James Bond Theme song.

After i calmed down i almost laughed but no sound came.  i took the pen again and wrote:  What are all thos shadow things, and whats going on??? ...

The End

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