Well That Was... Explosive.

Getting to his feet, Ara looked the new man up and down. Crashing through the skylight hadn't done him much good, but Ara could clearly see he was dangerous. The way he shot the Shadow-thing had convinced him of that. Ara scratched his forehead around the border of his massive horn. This new man puzzled him, he'd never seen anyone like him before.

But he seemed vaguely friendly, so thankfully Ara doubted there'd be much confrontation. There were, after all, a lot more of them than him. Ara's gaze met Misha's and the two exchanged looks, Misha's said "what the heck!", Ara's said, "you don't want to know."

The new man looked at him, eyes widening when he saw the horn, elbow-blades and heel spikes. Ara raised an eyebrow in his direction, smirked and unfurled his wings to their widest extent, well over eight feet across from tip to tip. The man gaped, Ara snickered. If he wanted wierdness, then he'd found it.

"So, that was quite an entry." he said conversationally. "Care to tell us who you are?"

The End

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