We don't have to die

I slowly woke up, but as i did i almost regretted it.  everyone was staring at me, amazed that i was there.  i took off my vest, which had two pistols, a knife, and some explosives.  just as i did the door flew open and someone walked in, a look on his face that seemed to say, "Wow this is a sorry picture ..."

there was nothing but awkard silence for a moment, no one moving, untill a little girl ... wait .... corby, said: "We don't have to die!"

"What?!"  someone said next to her, Liegh l thought.

the girl pointed to me.  "He can save us."  there was another awkard silence as everyone stared at me again, but as soon as it seemed someone would have to break the silence, the door started banging, and before i could even think i'd picked up a pistole and shot three times through the door.  I opened it a crack, and saw a lardge, lump of shadow, that seemed almost solid, almost made out of air or something.  it was dead, though, I was sure of it, then it slowly disapeared into thin air ...

The End

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