Advance Into The Dark!

I heard a crash from upstairs, and somehow that seemed to snap me out of my cowardly state. I knew that they were in danger from something in the halls but I still chose to hide in the relative safety of the parlor? I had never been so weak of heart in my life, never! I would go to help them, and if they had been killed than it would be my fault.

I stood up, still shaking, and lit a Sobranie to calm my nerves. I made my way to the door and stopped. I could hear faint whispers in the darkness, but it wasn't human, of that I was certain. It was almost as though the shadows were speaking to each other, watching me and telling each other to wait until I was out of the light. I took out my lighter, it wasn't much of a light, but it was better than nothing.

I advanced up the stairs, the diesel-like smoke swirling around me, disappearing in the light ahead and closing in behind me. I was shaking again; the whispering had become loud talking (although I still couldn't make out any words) and I could now see solid-looking shapes drifting in and out of sight.

At the top of the stairs I came face to face with a mirror and nearly tumbled backwords in fright. Despite being so scared I found myself laughing at how sorry I looked; I was unshaven, my eyes were red rimmed, I puffed nerviously at my cigarette, in one hand was a carbine that waved wildly around as my hand shook, and in the other a flickering flame. I was a sorry sight indeed!

I felt a bit better after that, and quickly made for a door in the passage; I knew they were in there, the door seemed to give off warmth and when I touched the handle I felt safe again. I rushed into the room, glad to be out of that oppressive darkness.

I found the room in a sorry state; Ara and Flamara where curled up on the floor near the radio, Corby was practically attached the Liegh, I now noticed that Geoff had wings as well, and now a heavliy armed man was sprawled on the floor, apparently knee-capped! If I left them alone for an hour I'd be afraid they'd burn the house down!

The End

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