Unexpected Arrival ...

I flew through the air, my knee caps broken, and suddenly crashed through the skylight, and hit the ground hard, landing right in between to people who had been lying on the ground next to eachother, probably lovers or siblings or something. 

they both jumped up from where they were and stared at him, along with all the other people in the room.  some of them screamed.

as i looked at the two people who had been on the ground, i realized one of there nams was Ara, but i couldn't tell about the other one, somethign with an "F"  i thought.  it wasn't magic, just a hunch, i'd always been good with them. 

as the rain from the broken skylight fell down ontop of me, i slowly blacked out ...

>just so you know i already introduced this character in chapter 179<

The End

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