Dream Sweet

I lay beside Ara, with the Radio dancing around the room singing 'Love Story'. Ara rolled his eyes and pulled me close to him. I fell asleep. I dreamed a dream.

I was laid beside Ara. He was laid smiling at me. He pulled me close, and I nuzzled into his chest. He jolted, and we both stood back to back. Hundreds of Shadows, flying crawling walking towards us. Ara held my hand, and all of the Shadows were blown away. Hola was running round chasing a microwave on legs with a stick, Jyll was playing with fire butterflies, and Shadow leader was stood looking at Ara and I, smiling its twisted smile. "I'm coming back, Eternal Flame. I will be back." He said. Ara pushed him, and the Shadow disappeared. Ara took my hand, and kissed my forehead.

I woke up from my dream, still laid in Ara's arms. He was asleep. I smiled. I stroked his cheek, and caressed his hair. He smiled in his sleep, and muttered my name.

The End

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