The Radio!!!!

A little bang, and an 'ouch!' came from behind the door. I opened it slightly, and saw a Shadow hopping up and down on one leg. The radio was at it's feet, jumping on its feet, trying to make it go away. The Shadow tumbled down the stairs, and the Radio came to the door. I opened it just enough so that it could squeeze it. It ran around the room playing 'We Are The Champions'. I laughed. It came over to me, and started playing 'If Your Not The One'. I rolled my eyes and blushed slightly.

The radio jumped, and landed in my lap. I ran my finger along the top of the Radio. It kind of curled up on my knee, and turned its volume down, so it played 'If Your Not The One' over and over again, so only close people could hear it. I laid down on the carpet, the Radio next to me. I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and I saw Ara lay down the other side of the Radio, looking over the Radio at me. I smiled at him. He listened to the music for a moment, then touched his hand to mine. 

*Not part of the story - I recommend listening to 'If You Not The One' Byy Daniel Bedingfield if you haven't heard  it. It suits Flamara almost perfectly the way she feels towards Ara.*

The End

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