He...Protected Me?

Ara lunged in front of me as he heard the Shadows. He threatened them , growled and glared at them. "Halfbreed, we only want to take the Bright Flame. We won't harm any of the others...if you just give her to us. Give us the Eternal Flame." They whispered and hissed. Was that me? It seemed that they only wanted me, but why did they call me the Bright Flame, the Eternal Flame? Ara pulled me closer.

"Touch her and die." He growled. Ara...was protecting me? I touched Ara's arm, and I stepped forward, towards the Shadows.  Ara  tried to reach forward, but Geoff held him back. The leader came through the door, and touched my cheek. "Ah, such kindness and care. You will make an excellent addition to my army." There was a flash, and Ara took off the hand that was touching my cheek. It flew across the room, and twitched. "Keep your filthy hands off her." commanded Ara. The leader clutched the stump of its wrist. "We'll be back for you, Eternal Flame." It told me, and all the Shadows left. I dropped to the floor. "Why do they want me? Why me?!" I exclaimed. I stood wobbly, and sat on the bed.

The End

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