Don't Get Too Close...

Standing beside Flamara and Geoff, Ara gave the Shadows behind the door his most venomous glare and let out a low, threatening snarl. He heard the things backed off slightly, but not much. There were many of them, exactly how many he couldn't tell, but they were easily outnumbered.

This was going to be one heck of a battle if it came down to it.

Whether or not they'd come out of it alive was another matter altogether. These were not good odds.

But if he was going down, Ara was going to go down fighting. No-one was getting taken while he was around. He'd die first.

He felt one of the shadow-things step forward toward the door, it's evil scent stinging his nostrils like concentrated chlorine, Ara rounded on it through the door, eyes flashing and teeth bared.

"Back off you foul cretin! Come any closer and I'll rip you to pieces! Do you hear me?"

The End

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