Thinking Cap On

“But the future,” Leigh began talking more to herself than anyone else. “The future can not be set in stone. A simple act in the past can change everything.” Leigh thought. Thinking she could do. She might be able to pick up a motorcycle off its side on the road in the rain, but she wasn’t strong. She wasn’t a fighter.

“Sure there is destiny, but if we are all here because we don’t have a story, then none of us have a destiny.” Leigh looked at Corby and hugged the girl. “What you saw can only be one possible future, because we haven’t done the right thing yet. Kathryn said no one in this house can die. That’s why this room exists. It’s the healing room.”

They were still missing Misha, Leigh noted as she looked around the room again; Misha, and Hola and Indigo. Her brows furrowed in thought.

Hola and Indigo had stories to go to. They have left the house. Her author’s voice spoke quietly. Misha, is hiding in the parlor, hoping to stay unnoticed.

Leigh really hoped Misha would be okay. She turned her mind back to the problem. If you can find the cause, you can find a solution. “Why are they here?” she asked louder than she'd been speaking before. “Beyond the obvious, they’re out to get us. What made them arrive here?”

She looked at Corby. It was a lot to ask of the girl. Maybe there was another answer. Leigh looked to the Pixie. “Geoff, you said they were hard to destroy, which means they can be destroyed. Do you know how?”

The End

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