Shadows and Freedom

They dragged me to the basement, where I saw a furnace with a leg sticking out. I had a funny feeling it was the thing with no arms. I shuddered. I thought of Ara, Geoff, Jyll and the others, and felt strong again. That was the reason I was here. I could have let the take Jyll, Ara, and kill the others, but I cared for them all. I had given then time, time for Corby to strengthen. One shadow pushed the others roughly, so I guessed that it  was the Shadow that one that had transformed Jyll.

"What do you want with me?" I asked as one tied me to a pillar in an unknown room. The main one snarled. One of the others laughed at me, and the other did nothing.

"Change her!" shouted the leading Shadow. All of the Shadows came towards me, although one quite reluctantly. They rubbed their hands on me, stroking my cheeks and hair. One of them, the leader, brushed his fingers across my lips, and I burnt them. He shook his hand and hissed. He circled me. "What?! She has not turned! Has not changed!" He cried out in anger. I brought a flame to life in my hand, and began to burn through the ropes.

The timid one came behind me, and pulled at the ropes subtly, helping me. I burst free, and ran. I ran up the stairs, and up to where Jyll sat in her cage. I released the cage and Picked Jyll up and ran into the 'Healing Room'. Everyone turned. Ara came through the door snarling, but when he saw me, his mouth opened, his yellow eyes wide. I put Jyll down, closed the door, and hugged every single one of them. Something hammered on the door. Everyone froze. "Let us have the  Bright Flame, the one who shall not turn, and no one shall be harmed."

Ara strode over to me, wrapped his arms round, and looked down on me, then around th room. Geoff looked over at me. He walked over and hugged me too. He looked up at Ara. "OVER OUR DEAD BODIES SHALL WE LET YOU HAVE ANYONE!" They shouted at the door.

The End

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