the dumb and stealthy Nathan Payne

Nathan ran with spead he never had before, which was saying alot for him.  He was an Assassin who used to work for the government, when they band him and tried to kill him. 

he was also dumb, and had never spoken from even a child, but that didn't change his menacing face. 

it was pouring rain, and he was trenched to the bone, lightnening flashing around him.

suddenly he heard the helecopter from above him, and guns started fireing.  he dove to the ground and did a roll to doge them, and then pulled out a machine gun pistol from its holster on his waist, and fired it at the helecopters propellers.

suddenly the helecopter came crashing down to the ground, exploding behind him and launching him forward.  then cars cam screatching in at behind him.  luckily he had a secret.  the only way to get where he wanted to go, was on foot.  he could see it ahead of him now.  the car came from behind.

He dove forward at the hideout and, and just then the car hit him from behind, breaking his knee caps, and launching him up.  even with the knee caps broken he probably could have been ok, haveing an extreamly high pain tolerance. but the he was lifted so high he almost cleard the roof, but landed on the sky light, crashing into the hideout for misfit characters, the rain pooring in behind him ...

The End

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