Quiet Before the Storm

Leigh was confused. She thought she’d been going downstairs, slipping and sliding on her socks. Instead she was holding Corby who had, at last, seemed to have finished screaming. Leigh held her close, not sure if she felt more like a big sister or a mother.

Truth was Leigh was scared. She’d seen what the shadows could do. Nothing, nothing in her past could match up to the terror she felt now. Her eyes roamed the room. Who was here, who wasn’t she wasn’t sure anymore.

“Misha,” she whispered, “did he come up here with us?”

Geoff looked to her and shook his head.

“And Ara and Flamara?”

“They came, but didn’t come back in.”

“Who else are we missing? The little girl,"


"Jyll and Hola. Where are they?” Why was it the kids always got hurt before the adults, Leigh wanted to know. It wasn’t fair to them. They were young, innocent and full of life left to live. One life at a time, her father used to say, Leigh turned her focus back on Corby.

“Are you okay?” she asked brushing the hair out of the girl’s eyes. It seemed a silly question to ask, given their circumstances.

For a moment her gaze left Corby and flitted to Geoff. Why do we always expect the ones who are more than human to have the answers? Why do we think they will save us, when they might be just as clueless as us? Leigh reached out a hand to squeeze one of Geoff’s. Just a quick squeeze, but whether it was to give herself strength or to give him strength she didn’t know.

Leigh continued to huddle with Corby, feeling like she’d been placed into a horror film with no escape.

The End

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