Alone And Waiting

I had stayed in the palor when everyone ran up to find this magic "Healing Room" with Corby, I'd like to say I was holding down the fort, protecting the place in case they needed to retreat. But that would be a lie, I was just too scared to move from my spot behind the chair, watching as a black mist, like diesel smoke, swirled in the passage.

I had been scared before; when the wolves had hunted me, when the soldiers had cornered me, when they attacked us with gas machinery. I had been terrified a thousand times before, but this, it was different...

This fear got into my head so deep that I could see my hands shake and tears clouded my vision.

And then there was the screams...

I thought I heard Ara or Geoff shouting orders, but then there was a peircing scream that could only have been Corby. I curled myslef around my carbine behind the chair, and I prayed that whatever was now stalking the halls wouldn't see me and would pass by.

And more than anything I prayed that I could go back to my warehouse, my comrades, and my wife.

The End

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