The Different Shadow

Jyll watched as the shadows took away flamara. She shuddered, realising she might have been one of those shadows taking flamara away if the "illness" (the shadow transformation) had not been reaversed. Still shudering from the fealing of hoplessnes and helplessness she had fealt while being a shadow, jyll curled up inside her cage and looked about the room. Her Beba was siting next to the cage with his head in his hands. Unable to hug him, jyll reached through the bars and gave his shoulder a small squeeze. Hopeing it had helped, jyll brought her hand back in and countinued to scan the room. twisting her hair as she often did when she was thinking, she realised about a handfull of her hair was still part shadow. Looking at her hand of fire and the hair of shadow, she thought she eventualy might be more thing than human. Jyll's eyes focesed on the far corner. Something was darker than normal over there. As dark as a shadow.

A swell of fear rose in jylls chest as she looked into the darknes. The shadow started to walk forward, with a strange look of releaf on its face. Ara jumped up and looked ready to fight, but jyll stoped him.  This shadow was difrent. It was famililar. Jyll stared up into its, its almost human eyes. They were filled with a deep sadness. Sudenly, jyll realised this was the shadow from the Magic Room. The shadow that had saved her from unspeakable doom.

The End

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