Corby screamed, jolting upright in the bed. But this was no ordinary scream, this was a cringing, ear-piercing scream that would make your ears bleed. She screamed until she couldn't any more. She screamed until she couldn't breathe any longer. 

When she stopped, her eye suddenly began to twitch, and she curled into a ball on the bed. "Stay away! Stay away!" Corby screamed at the room, tears pouring down her face."No! No! No!!!" Corby yelled at the light room, twitching again. 

The door banged open and she looked up shocked, screaming. "Corby?!" Leigh yelled, running up to her and holding her in her arms. But Corby carried on screaming, and her tears kept streaming. "Shush Corby, shush, everything is fine," Leigh whispered into her ear.

"No! No! Stay away! No! Don't let them hurt me, don't let them take me away!" Corby screamed. A huddle of people stood by the door, staring at her shocked.

"Corby, I'll never let them take you, they'll never let them hurt you again." Leigh insisted, rubbing her hair.

"No! PLEASE! THEY'RE HERE! SHUT THE DOOR! SHUT IT!" everyone in the room paused, Leigh looked at Corby then looked at everyone.

"Listen to the girl! Everyone inside, shut the door!" Geoff obeyed Leigh's orders and pushed everyone quickly in, shutting the door and locking it. Banging came from outside it, moving the door.

"No! NO!" Corby screamed and screamed. 

"What happening?!" Leigh yelled at Geoff, he shook his head, holding the door back with his eyes wide, Hola and Ara helped.

"No! Don't let them take me away! PLEASE! NO!!" Corby screamed. But suddenly,

The screaming stopped.

The tears stopped.

The breathing stopped.

The banging stopped.

And immediately, everyone knew that Corby was different.

The End

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