As Ara left, I had stayed with Jyll. Poor girl. I warmed up the cage, and black crumbled slightly. Her eyes returned to their's usual colour. Jyll bowed her head. "Are you afraid, Flamara?" She asked in her speach bubble. I shook my head. The blackness around her shattered, and she was back to normal. She gazed down at herself in awe. Her eyes went wild with fear. I turned slowly, and saw three Shadows. I reinforced Jyll's cage, and attached it to the floor.

The Shadows stepped forward slowly. One of them looked at me almost curiously. I gulped. I turned quickly to Jyll. I whispered to her, "As soon as I'm gone, touch the bars, and go into that room there." I nodded to the door. She nodded.

I turned to face the Shadows. "Your not taking the little girl." I told them firmly. One had a smiled twisted onto it's face. "Who says we came for the little girl?" It asked, and two came forward and took my arms. I felt them cold on my arms. They pulled me backwards down the stairs. Ara exited a room, and saw me. The remaining Shadow lunged at him, but flew back as an invisible shield protected him. I put a barrier up, stopping him from coming after me. I pushed my mind into his.

Go. The barriers will protect you and the others. I'm giving you all time to figure stuff out. Maybe we'll see each other again alive.

I turned to the Shadows. "May I ask one request?" I asked. The shadows nodded stiffly. They let go of my arms, and I ran to Ara. I kissed him, and then pushed him towards the door. "Be brave. I'll be fine." I told him as the Shadows dragged me off. Ara ran to get the others.


The End

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