Wait and See?

As Geoff laid Corby on the bed, he moved her hair off her face and stood back.

Dear Flint I hope this works.

'Right. Everyone out. The room wants us to leave.'

Geoff did a double-take.

'I'm sorry, what? Leave her here? In this room that, according to the structure of this house, should not exist? What if it swallows her up? What if the Shadow beings capture and transform her like Jyll-'

Kathryn put her hand on Geoff's arm and he stopped talking.

'It will be fine. She will be fine. I know. The room knows what to do. She will come out when she is fully healed and ready.'

Her eyes were clear and filled with conviction. She did not look away, she looked at Geoff for several seconds, then patted his arm.

'Come, we should leave now, all of us.'

She led everyone out, every person looking at Corby in distress and utter sadness. Leigh leant over her and kissed her forehead.

'Poor kid, she just wanted to help me...' Tears fled her eyes, but she roughly wiped them away as she passed Geoff.

'Come on, we better do as Kathryn says. She knows what she's talking about.'

Geoff nodded. He had never been this emotional, this human, in his entire lifespan. He turned with one last look at the bright, cheerful room, the light on Corby's little frame, then slipped out and shut the door behind him. He looked up and saw Kathryn about to head down the stairs.

'Hey wait, Kathryn, how long will it take? For her to be fully healed?'

Kathryn tilted her head to one side.

'Maybe minutes, maybe days.'

'Days? Without food or water? She could perish in there!'

'No. The room will take care of her. Come on. I think we should start thinking about these Shadow beasts. I've never read about these creatures in the scripture, so that can't be good.'

The others, albeit reluctantly, turned from the door and started downstairs.

'Go on, you pathetic pixie boy! Tell them what you know!' Tolstoff urged, as Geoff struggled to say what he had to.

'I...I think I know what these things are. Or at least there something similar. They are not good news. They are very hard to destroy, and even harder to avoid. They feed off fear.'

The others turned at the bottom of the stairs and listened.

'So...what do we do?' Leigh asked, still shaken by Corby's ailment.

'That's what we need to figure out.' Geoff replied.

Just then Ara growled. He had been silent the entire time, but something was bothering him. Geoff's ears began to tingle too - a warning.

'Well we better figure it out pretty soon, because I can feel them. There coming, now.' His breath was hard and his voice was sharp.

Everyone turned to Geoff in desperation.

'We need to get to a bright place, somewhere with fire. They don't like warmth or light. Downstairs, now.'

They didn't need telling twice. Everyone began to sprint down the hall. The lights seemed to flicker and a heavy mist seemed to cloud them.

'Quickly! They are coming!' Ara yelled, as the black mist engulfed them completely.

The End

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